Apple Magic Mouse Assessment in Logic, Ableton DAW music production software

Just before the turn of this decade I utilised the Mighty Mouse, I got utilised to and enjoyed the scroll ball/sphere/nipple on the front. It was wonderful to be able to scroll up and down in the the arrangement and Piano Roll windows. About time too given how long scroll wheels had been available on other mice at the time. With the Mighty Mouse, not only could you scroll up and down but with the ball you could from side to side or even 360 degrees – again quite valuable in Logic’s windows when you want to quickly scroll from 1 section of a song to one more without having getting to mess about zooming or fiddling with the bars at the bottom of the window. Excellent for teaching at Garnish School of Sound. It was just such a shame that the factor only lasted 6 months just before the ball broke or got clogged up and you needed to obtain a new one or work out how to get the gunk out!

Apple haven’t exactly had a excellent record with mice.

Bear in mind that awful circular factor that came out with the 1st generation imacs? You by no means knew where you had been about to track prior to you moved the mouse! Then the buttonless generation, buttonless due to the fact Steve Jobs does not like the look of buttons! We coped at the time but now I can’t imagine life now with out a correct click!

Now we have the Magic Mouse. I had 1 popped into my Xmas stocking so I’ve had it a whilst now and in between you and I, it was the toy I was most excited to get out and play with.

It doesn’t fill the hand like a Mighty Mouse I know this is an concern for some but soon after a few hours, I got used to it. Tracking is supposed to be far more accurate it most likely is but I never ever had a issue with the Mighty Mouse for tracking. Scrolling is significantly the same except you do not have the much troubled physical ball anymore which can only be good. It is good the way you can fairly a lot scroll from anywhere in the leading half of the region of the mouse as opposed to having to spot your finger in exactly the same spot like just before. Two finger swiping in Safari is fantastic no much more tracking back up to that back button to view the primary page right after you read an write-up. Scrolling in Snow Leopard is joyful I think they call it momentum. In a nutshell, the mouse knows how rapidly your finger moves and when you take it off, the page keeps scrolling and comes to a gradual quit depending on how quick your finger moved. SLICK! However, this does not take place in Leopard unless I’ve missed one thing.

Just a quick note about MagicPrefs: it’s where you can set up all sorts of deeper functions for your Magic Mouse. For example, I set up two finger CLICK to get me straight to spaces, three finger TAP to expose all windows etc etc. Regrettably when I’m zipping about my mac and my applications at the pace it do, I tend to put fingers on the mouse without noticing so I’m going into spaces, exposing desktop, viewing all app windows and so on when I do not want to and that is quite annoying. Maybe I could train myself to use the Magic Mouse a lot more delicately. For now I have to turn all these funky functions off as it is more critical it works as a useful mouse than do tricks I can live without for now.

So the question is will the Magic Mouse make life less difficult for you in Logic Studio. And the answer is that it will do what the Mighty Mouse did and a load of additional funky stuff outside of Logic Pro/Studio but it ought to last a lot longer than 6 months!

Dave Garnish runs the boutique music production school Garnish School of Sound, with sound engineering courses for all levels

Magic Mouse reviews

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